All Protection & Security specializes in emergency, rapid staffing of armed and unarmed Security Officers in Orlando, Florida, Central Florida, the Gulf States and the Florida Eastern Seaboard.  We hold Security Agency Licenses in the States of Florida, New Jersey and Texas, with authority in Kentucky, Mississippi and Alabama.

When we say "rapid", we mean FAST.  How fast are we?  When a devastating F-5 tornado hit Joplin, MO in 2011, we posted 2 armed, uniformed security guards at our client's medical facility within 90 minutes. 

Unlike "the big guys" we don't require a long-term contract in order to provide outstanding service and peace of mind for your property.  In fact, we specialize in short term Security Guard contracts to protect your property against after-disaster looting, vandalism, break-ins, smash and grab burglary or other destructive acts.

How short can a contract be? When a civil war broke out in Libya, our armed guards stood watch at our client's property on a 2-day contract, which means, the contract renewed every 2 days.  No other company would take the job without a guaranteed 90 day contract.

Our short term security guards typically provide security guard service for your home remodeling projects, warehouses, construction sites and other "short term" projects that require a licensed, insured Security Guard on a temporary basis. 

Many times, an unexpected employee termination will require additional security at your workplace - and we can help!  From Executive Protection for your CEO to a uniformed Security Guard in the parking lot, we can keep your employees safe from potential violence at the hands of  disgruntled former employee.

Best of all: no long-term contract required!

CAll 407.382/0700 today - be safe tonight!